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New Life Outreach is proud to support BC Teen Challenge. Never before have there been so many people on the streets with drug and alcohol problems. But where can they turn for real help and answers?

Teen Challenge is a Christ-Centered 12 month residential treatment program (for 19-45 year old men and women) with over 600 locations world-wide and 9 locations across Canada. Statistics show that secular drug rehab programs often have less than a 5% cure rate, while Teen Challenge has a proven track record that confirms over 86% of our graduates never return to their former way of life!

If you know of a young man or woman, age 19 - 45 who is struggling with a life controlling alcohol or drug problem and wants to change, contact BC Teen Challenge, Mon - Fri, 9am to 5pm at (604) 823-0133 or visit their website for more information.



Enrique (Guatemalan) and Carol (Dutch) Flores, together with their three daughters, have been missionaries for almost 25 years. They lived for 16 years in Guatemala in which they founded a church in the slum area (with feeding program), they helped found a leadership bible school, evangelized in all areas of the country, and served the Body of Christ in different capacities; although throughout it all their main focus was always children. During this time they also traveled extensively throughout Guatemala and also to other countries such as El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia and Cuba - mainly setting up seminars for children’s church workers and also conducting evangelistic activities for children. They also wrote several materials for leaders and children.

In December of 1999 they moved to Costa Rica where they are ministering at this time. In the last five years they have been working with a specific group of children as children’s pastors in Centro Cristiano de Heredia. Their goal is to make them a living “model” where other churches can observe, learn and then apply some of the techniques that they are using. This group of children has shown extraordinary leadership and some are home group leaders, have ministered in evangelistic outreaches, disciple other children, have been on missions trips, have been spiritual guides on retreats, and have developed talents such as drama, choreography, black light theatre, etc…

As of two years ago they have been setting up conferences in Costa Rica and Guatemala taking children’s work to a new level. The Flores desire to see children occupy a useful and active place within the Body of Christ; trained to serve in different ministries and to reach out to the lost.


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